Song: Inner City Blues
Artist: FenaxiZ
Album: Fenax Iz . . . (The Audiobiography)

Barely half of this year’s done, too many caught a fierce one
And I feel like this real life’s a horror flick so I act fearsome
Ain’t even safe to catch a next flight up outta Pearson
When articles say, “SARS particles spray the air,” son
“Whatever,” when it can’t really affect me, just wish
I was blitzed from a drag of a weed-packed philly directly
While I can’t do nothing about it since I quit that, alcohol
And drugs stole too many of my years no one can give back
So I live and laugh, but why I feel mad blues
Everytime I answer the phone, I’m hearing bad news
A lot was slain and shot in the brain, up here it ain’t sweet
The same week, my grandma finally succumbed to the pain
She’d been wrestling with, maybe my faith, God is testing it
When I asked, “Why am I here,” who knows what that question did
‘Cause soon time, my cousin Jo was sent up to a hospital
With lethal dengue fever, survival’s hardly possible
Next on, I’m hearing Dek’s gone, that ain’t the worst part
First off, he did it to himself since he was cursed from the start
Secondly, he suffered alive for three hours
He knew he’d die then, Lord, so why’d You play him sour
Health-wise, I’m in terrible shape, ’cause when I gain strength
I’m forced to support a much more unbearable weight
But at least I’m prepared for the day I meet my maker
This life can’t be all just sex, Beck’s, and cess in reefer paper
While I wish the street was safer like back in the days
When my brethren wasn’t in heaven nor trapped in a cage
So wassup with all my people, Bonez and Pyro went O.T from T.O
Vicas’ ma kicked him out, switched the keyhole
I need hope, ’cause every second hurts and I fear
At the end of this year, I’ma have to write a second verse

[Amel Larrieux]
Suspended in time, I’ve got so much on my mind
(I’m suspended, so much on my mind)
Suspended in time, I’m just thinking about my life
Suspended in time, I’ve got so much on my mind
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so much on my mind)
Suspended in time, I’m just thinking about my life
(Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
So much on my mind, I’m just thinking, thinking, thinking
I’ve got so much on my, so much on my mind
Uh uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oooh, oooow, ooooh
So much on my mind, so much on my mind, yeah
So much on my mind)

“Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk” x 2 – Inspectah Deck, “Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'”