Song: The Eulogy
Artist: FenaxiZ feat. Scarlem
Album: Fenax Iz . . . (The Audiobiography)

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 9
Mmmm, aight, aight
Here it comes, waiting for the ball
Structures and Scar

Who would have thought I would have to write
An R.I.P track for D-E-K, it seems like it was just yesterday
Us chilling-lay conversating, smoking our life away
Laughter filled the air, we persevered through the hard times
‘Cause we knew brighter days were near
Or were we just some fools, I can still hear you saying
“Here comes Homicide with that dutty thing called juice”
Relaxing at Mount Rhyme, hat twisted to the side
A pad and some lead, a creative mind
Coming from Pharmacy, a true artist in every aspect
Your life was cut short and I can’t believe that was no accident
I went through a trial of emotions, a state of disbelief
Downing alcohol for the first few days just to get some sleep
But your dead body would appear to me in my dreams
I had more questions than a rehabilitated heroin fiend
You were not sinister, you were sincere
You had to sacrifice your life ’cause you had all the answers down here
So smile on all of us ’cause we shining for our number one brethren
Life is Twisted, ain’t that right, Mista
I’ll see you when I make it to heaven

R.I.P Dek, D-E-K
It’s V, your boy, yeah, miss you
D-E-K was a very unique man that I met at L’Am
In just a matter of days we was closer than fam
Damn, I can’t believe you’re gone, sometimes I wish
I had a magic wand to bring you back, but I can’t
Seems like yesterday we was toking on Brunsy’s cess sack
Off the roo-ta-doos we used to do and smoke with who else
But the Scarlem crew, but me and you together
Will always be remembered as the two Zeller robbing fellas
A-K-A dirty dungeon dwellers, and of course
The “Dwayne deagle” sellers, but brother, all I really wanna say
Is that I hope and pray you OK and that I’ll see you one day
Until then I’ll keep in touch using this pen
Dek, may God lay your soul to rest
‘Cause all you did was good and all you deserve is the best
One love, it’s V

“This is in memory of” x 4 – GURU, “In Memory Of”
Yo, this is going out to D-E-K
The number one day, everyone’s shining ray
Everyone know him since day
You know him

Dedicated to Dwayne, A-K-A D-E-K
Scarlem’s first day and my personal ace
Since my early days you were my main man
We have different last names, but we are the same fam
Thanks to Dwayne, can say I’m not an only child
Lonely times livened by his bold style and glowing smile
My mind’s holding files of adventures we had
Like rapping while travelling Finch & Pharmacy Ave.
Matter fact, when it comes to hip-hop, you set it off
You were the wick who sparked, made the Scarlem disc drop
Just like the comic shop, you’ve risen from the ashes
A living Lazarus, shining star like an asterisk
Taught me to cherish brethrens while they’re here in the flesh
Not depressed, ’cause while sun sets it hasn’t really left
On February 24th, I’ma celebrate your birth
Until we reconnect, Dek, I’ma “get to work”
One love, from Spud

“This is in memory of” x 4 – GURU, “In Memory Of”
Yo, this is going out to D-E-K
The number one day, everyone’s shining ray
Everyone know him since day
You know him

And as the train struck, we lost another brother close to us
Dearly departed, I wanna send my condolences
It was the harshest loss of all, remembering Mike
Made across a call, telling me your entity’s memories
Now it’s gone, wishing I came off the bus to speak as time passes
How easy life would be if it’s not filled with epic tragedies
A part of a strategy, his suicide will live on
In the heart of your friends and fam for inspiration
Maybe one soul equals clarity and liberation
Dwayne Foster, child of Gods in the Nation
We never embrace dawns, but I can count times
Our laughter echoed Old Faithful and Mount Rhyme
And so we pray to move with you in better days
Ever clear the present as your spirit never decays
So when we go back to ashes, love is still, we’ll sustain
Just keep an open seat like sessions around your lane
With your spliff to the side, you had a gift no one could hide
Peace Dek, with much respect, I’ll see you in much due time

This is to my boy Dek, D-E-K
To my Dek, D-E-K, Twisted, yo, live it
You’re a true brother I can trust
All that shit we did, that’s never enough
Mac high school was where I met you
Collided and formed the O.C crew
Since then, we’ve been chilling
By the bleachers, smoking fat blunts
School was a fucking joke
We were provoked to toke on that weed smoke
We skipped class, slipped out the back
Told the V.P, he could kiss my ass
Life was simple on those hot summer days
Digging for change so we could all blaze
Chilling on Mount Rhyme or the stairways
Sat back smoking our problems away
Bad times we had, we felt like shit
But you laughed, yelling, “My abuse is infinite”
You’re never serious, it’s all a game
But when I got the call, things ain’t the same
So ’til we meet again, we’ll keep hoping
We’re still chilling, still joking, bunning
Ganja smoking, I’m gonna keep hoping
Keep hoping

“This is in memory of” x 4 – GURU, “In Memory Of”
Yo, this is going out to D-E-K
The number one day, everyone’s shining ray
Everyone know him since day
You know him

Define Extraordinary Knowledge, take its letters, D-E-K
And realize that the answer should still be with us today
An early fate meant merely at the age of nineteen
It might mean the rest of us are doomed to live out pipe dreams
What I’ve seen makes me think it’s more than that
‘Cause Dwayne Foster had creative blood born to draw and rap
Talent stacked, but this world was not prepared yet
To hear about the atmosphere and the ones who reared Dek
We check within our souls, we’ll always feel the pain of your loss
Your mother and father, though we can never carry their cross
Across the path of life, where it leads is still a mystery
But each stone will have “Dek” inscribed throughout history
I can’t forget the first day I met the First Day
I couldn’t wait for the Scarlem Scars release date
Until we meet again, we’ll miss D’Oliver Twist
But I guarantee this, we’ll get to work and murk this business
In his name, in his name, in his name, in his name
In his name, in his name, in his name, in his name

It was a quarter past midnight when I got this call
Heard Kevin on the otherside talking soft
And we wish you woulda told us what you was about to do
Lost my grandmother a month ago and now you too
Couldn’t believe it at first, I last linked you two weeks ago
Now you walking on the streets of gold with God
Eyes teary, wonder if you’re near me, can you hear me
While I stare up at the ceiling with this lump in my throat
My state of shock asking, “Why the fuck did you go”
Reminiscing on our days filled with nothing but smoke
Then I’m flipping through pics of you, hat tilted and blue
Just joking like always when you chilled with the crew
And it must be said, man, “Fuck the world for realla”
Society murdered my boy so I curse the killer
A Finch & Pharmacy soldier, you was born in December
Left us February 24th, we mourn you forever