Song: Human Nature
Artist: FenaxiZ
Album: Fenax Iz . . . (The Audiobiography)

I’m hearing whispers from sinister heathens
With self-obsessive selfish threats, a foul scent of death
And intent to eat hides behind a serpent’s grinning teeth
When in need, men of greed tend to be your friends indeed
It’s a lesson I’ve learned, this question concerns true lies
Is every seed destined to turn, not choose sides
I try to keep low-key so to deeply know me
Myself, and I solely, that’s why I must trust just instinct
Stay distant, say, “The hell with you”
What lust is this, for ass and cash, to tell the truth
I saw beyond facial features of hateful creatures
To witness first-hand that which Cain & Abel teaches
Neglect that, you get stabbed this far in the game
I know myself, I know you, all hearts are the same
When starving in pain, the first rule, our thirst rules
And runs course in the head then you’re forced to be fed
I wanted fame while my brain felt remorse and it bled
‘Til my hand was bit from sharing portions of bread
It’s human nature, crabs right beneath you will want
To be you and not see you on top, they lethally plot
Does paranoia box me in like De La Hoya
Can’t tell which dudes you trust really wanna destroy ya