Song: Chain City
Artist: FenaxiZ
Album: Fenax Iz . . . (The Audiobiography)

“I was born and grew up here. I am proud to be a Torontonian”
“I’m very upset with what I’m seeing happening in Toronto”
“We have kids that are raising kids and that’s the problem in, in our society”
“What happened to the soul of men that are in Toronto who appreciate
the city when a man sit in his living room who been gunned down?
And this is a generation that we need to bring them up.
We can’t leave them to grow by themself.”
“These kids in the city of Toronto are ruining their lives”

Will I survive wicked blocks of evil where cops’ll beat ya
And hostile people possibly will cock lethal glocks to leave ya
Under ghetto flowers, brethrens pouring amaretto sours
On this East side where each night police ride
Beneath the bright street lights for sinners who spin herbs
And the losers and winners just abusing their livers
Mixing juice and weed, back when Coronation was Cues & Tees
I used to be a young flip doing dumb shit, truthfully
The youth in me is still here, I spill beer by benches
Repeat offenders get out to return, complete a sentence
Like it’s nothing, lighting something, others might be fronting
This one kid who did a bid said he was in a fight he wasn’t
His story was, “A custy’s looking for me ’cause way before
I was up in the Don and facing lockdown, I knocked out his boy
Since he owed me loot, same time, beast was rolling through
I boogied, but he booked me,” clown swore, yo, he told the truth
No doubt, y’all check it, he the one who got his head hit
Found on the ground with half an ounce put on his record
And it’s hectic when crews conceal razors to peel faces
Death in their eyes, their fate lies behind steel cages
With Criminal Kings, Project: Mayhem, it’s Ruhkus and havoc
Stick-up kids become old, discover magic
Then they find faith amongst a crime rate, the world is crooked
So it’s hard to walk a line straight, I copped Mastermind tapes
‘Til the po-po swept Traxxx, T.O’s full of death traps
Scuffles after headcracks, hustle’s due to setbacks
Plus, it feels ill, you would swear it’s contagious
Sick chronic is hypnotic when prepared in blunt papers
And rolled correct, spark, toke, hold your breath, throw it left
Then exhale all the way from Rexdale where tecs wail
To that borough of Scar where tomorrow is far
Peace North and East York while Toronto’s the heart
Graffiti murals is large and covers corners and parks
Where drunks reminisce and talk shit like, “The world’ll be ours”
And I can only hope to make it, not be broke or naked
Where everything is motivated by gangs or dope-related
My section’s the spectrum from which I draw inspiration
With this language I write upon the canvas of life
Sometimes I write a rhyme between lines then erase it
Recall the skyline in my mind then pencil trace it

[Chorus (scratched repeatedly)]
“Fucking with Toronto” – Choclair, “Bare Witness”

The everyday flex, throwing paychecks upon an eighth of cess
Just to fade stress and pay respect for those laid to rest
Facing death on the regular can turn you secular
The mayor want my fam and now Toronto’s on red alert

It’s the city where broads are pretty-haired, sinners rule
And it’s a few that finish school, chances are miniscule
Surviving a war whenever crews clash and settle fights
Rolling deep in a stolen vech, blasting metal pipes
That’s the metro life, we breed Raptors and rappers
While the only Honest man in T.O’s on Bloor & Bathurst
The path curves so some choose the wrong decision
Then end up gone to prison or unfortunately no longer living
It’s the price to pay when you and your mens waste ya life away
Beating 40 ounces with slimy cats from night to day
Where weather’s cold and sunny, blunts are rolled with honey
Plus, most crime’s committed for the love of holding money
Fuck yeah, I know it’s funny that I checked to see if Hell
Had frozen over when I heard my boy Spud was going sober
But still, I strictly mess with sticky cess, summer barbeques
And foam cups filled to the tip with Bacardi juice
They sparking tools from the west end to past Cedarbrae
Peace to Bonez doing GTA in the GTA
Sometimes I reminisce then pour Henny for the lost
Cash reality checks to get a penny for my thoughts

[Chorus (scratched repeatedly)]
“Fucking with Toronto” – Choclair, “Bare Witness”

“Gangs, guns, and drugs”
“Fucking with Toronto” – Choclair, “Bare Witness”
“These are young criminals”
“Fucking with Toronto” – Choclair, “Bare Witness”
“Acts of violence, sexual assault”
“Fucking with Toronto” – Choclair, “Bare Witness”
“Armed robbery, weapons, drugs”
“Fucking with Toronto” – Choclair, “Bare Witness”
“The speed of crime and drugs”
“Fucking with Toronto” – Choclair, “Bare Witness”
“The gangs in our community”
“Fucking with Toronto” – Choclair, “Bare Witness”
“These gun-toting gangsters”
“Fucking with Toronto” – Choclair, “Bare Witness”
“This is a beautiful city of ours, Toronto is, and we will keep it that way”