Song: The Strongest Link (remix)
Artist: FenaxiZ feat. Kendo, Anonymous Twist, Tre Nice, Young G.O.D.D
Album: The Strongest Link mixtape

Yo, Chain City, whattup

FenaxiZ, what the deal, what the issue man

It’s the strongest links here right now, know what I’m saying

[Tre Nice]


FenaxiZ (Lawrence East!), Kendo

You got big Kendo on a remix

Young G.O.D.D

[Young G.O.D.D]
Call up the Duke and Lex and Rube, we gonna roam

Tre Nice

[Tre Nice]
All day everyday


[Young G.O.D.D]
It’s your boy, Young G.O.D.D

[Tre Nice]
The MVP, whatever you wanna call me, Kid Canada man, Tre Nice, Downtown’s finest

4 Corners, North York, you know the deal

[Young G.O.D.D]
Finch Weston blocks all day everyday, west end

[Tre Nice]
Regent Park

Lawrence East

Say hi to the hell-bent, heaven-sent, I’m feeling better than
I’ve ever been as if this good life’s gonna never end (nope)
A future veteran, but for now, the fast learner
Cash-earner, my 10-40s blast burners
Heat-seekers, and stainless street-sweepers
They flipping through more magazines than speed readers
F to the Z in the flesh and 3D
Blessing the streets, west to the east, and I’m destined to reach
A level ain’t none of y’all expected I’d see
So all you bitch A&Rs, start investing in me, playas
Fresh on the scene, but still, I’m hood-smart
So I ain’t working for you kitchens that let the cooks starve
Uh, this what happens when majors connect
Haters respect and we stack our papers correct
Chain City representing with kings of the game
We brings in the pain, strongest links in the chain, motherfuckers

The unsung hero, goodfella DeNiro
From Beethoven Court to the ball court in Sparrow
Niggas know the product I push; the product is bush
I still move the units like an order from Bush
Hahaha, so bitch niggas stand to the rear
I see the fear in your eyes ’cause I’m a star starting to rise
A cold coffin for guys who stay talking them lies
A cold hearted surprise that’ll make your momma cry
Why you motherfuckers in a game
Why you came, why you lame, why you try and freeze-frame
I’ma grind to the eaze street, grind ’til the Kids eat
Grind to the point where my back teeth break
Wait, back crack like safe
Pack crack like weight, cash stack like ay
Ay, little soldier come here
Go ahead and take this over there and get your money, ya hear
[Anonymous Twist]
“This culture connected” – scratched

[Tre Nice]
Tre Nice, uh, I don’t care who you stabbed or you shot, hater
Dressed in all-black, gun looking like Darth Vader (true)
Look into your eyes, I can see through your heart, hater
Good is all right, but rich is a lot greater
Yeah, I been on the block pumping
Waiting for the day I can say that I got something
Young niggas shooting, fist-fights ceased to exist
I understand if I got knocked-out, I would be pissed
Yeah, y’all niggas know nothing about Tre
Niggas in the hood still plotting to out Tre
Bitches look good just talking about Tre
I’m about paper and paper’s about me
You know where I rep ’cause you probably got robbed
In the lobby and stabbed on the back step
Uh, where the pissy mattress is the stash
And the girls are 13, all giving up ass

[Young G.O.D.D]
I’m locked, I’m loaded, I’m ready to go (so go then)
My pocket’s all swoll, I’m holding a four (so show them)
I’m a new breed of thug, kid, I’m breaking the mold
With my T.O.S M.O.B niggas, son, I’m ready to blow
Them other brothers ain’t feeling me, so (so, so)
The time is now, I’m repping the whole
West side where the colors collide
Wrong place, wrong time, kiss your ass goodbye
See me, I’m good, I already have an alibi
One call will have your moms asking the Lord why
Why her little boy had to die, but it’s a part of the game
He had the bricks locked, moving the ‘caine
Took a single shot to his brain, he’s on the ground bleeding
Laying in stains, the whole block said that it was a shame
They killed little Romaine, everybody knows who did it
But the killer remains anonymous
People, you know what the problem is
There’s rules to this game nobody follows
That’s why the bodies stacking up in Toronto
Kids playing hide-and-seek with them hollows
Yesterday was drinking outta them bottles
Now they grown, giving dick to the models
We need to sit down before the whole city’s held for hostage
Everybody’s god now, crucifying niggas on crosses
Didn’t take the time to see what the cost is, You better move cautious