Song: No Ways
Artist: FenaxiZ
Album: The Strongest Link mixtape

Huh, evening y’all
Ha, lemme indulge y’all for a bit
Just a few minutes y’all
Hear me out
Yo, you got a blunt, light that shit
Mmm, you got Henny, pour that shit
Styrofoam cup flex of course though
Hmph, aite y’all, hm
Whatever y’all gotta do to get in the zone
Yeah, sit back
See, got a lot to get off my chest
It’s like this

Ever have a story to tell with no one to tell it to
Herb’s your only friend, nothing else can do
Yeah, you roll with a clique, they blaze an L with you
But who’s gonna take an L with you, a seldom few
You felt this too, you probably think what I’m thinking
Drink what I’m drinking and sink where I’m sinking
To the brink of oblivion, it’s better than here
Funny part, my dream dame, I thought I met her this year
I swear, I won’t fall for another pretty face
She saw my strength as weakness, now my heart’s in a hidden safe
Crawl through cityscapes, dreaming of flying
Meanwhile, childhood friends been screaming and dying
My soldiers is A.W.O.L or frozen off yae, y’all
Nose in an eightball, the fuck would Dwayne’s ghost say, y’all
Stop, we can only imagine
He was alive, we were blind to how the homie was acting
Lonely, but laughing, he kept a smile on his face
I can relate, wishing that I die before I wake
Every night before sleeping, it’s like fighting a demon
In the mirror, whatever reason, you don’t like what you’re seeing
But that was then, now I’m numb and feel no ways
On the highway of life, at times, close to road rage
With no safety on, shortcut to the great beyond
Running empty, yelling “TAKE ME GOD”
What’s worse is the slightest thing puts flame to the gas
Plus I got this wicked habit of blaming the past
Like, wait, some issues is too personal
So the purpose of this verse is worthless now
Uh, from the surface down, I don’t wanna dig deep
I guess it’s something inside that ain’t wanna fix me
In order to get to the heart of my problem
I need to start at the bottom, and at that point
It’s harder to solve it; that’s what you call going in circles
When you hoping for miracles, fully knowing what hurts you
Choices repeat ’cause a cure’s a bitter pill to swallow
Poison is sweet so I kill the bottle
Like my man who brought me up, calling me late night
Inches from death, you might not see daylight
I’m begging you focus, don’t move, pray, fight
Motherfucking breathe, both eyes open, and stay tight
They say the good die young so how’d you make it through
Question answered: who’d of thought the snake was you
Damn, what, clowns gots to man up
Funny like comedians, but they far from stand-ups
That’s arms so I’m dragging my blunt
It’s been a lotta competition for the fag of the month
‘Cause with each and every second, I swear as I grow older
I’m beginning to see why pops wears a cold shoulder
You’ll understand if I no longer still kick it
A real minute when all y’all view me as a meal ticket
Tryna deal with it when folks say I owe them
Approaching like old friends, but they ain’t never know Fen
We played craps, laid tracks, made raps
Way back, but save that, I ain’t gotta say jack
In fact, y’alls why I changed in the past
My bad yo, there I go again, blaming the past
Huh, I’m fucked up y’all, pulse is racing
Got other shit in mind besides these wolves that’s waiting
But ain’t nothing I ain’t met with before
Like security watching my every step in the store
Once I enter the door, bun it, none of y’all can budge me
Only the man above me’s got the right to judge me
Since I made it this far with the weight of it all

Yo, yo, yo, stop that shit man, stop it
I gotta pull myself together for a second
Yo, stop recording, yo