Song: Gunshots 2006
Artist: FenaxiZ feat. Rebirth AKA Royce Birth
Album: The Strongest Link mixtape

Blaow, multiple shots be ringing in the air
Like it’s warfare over Trenchtown Rock
Blaow, it’s America’s national past time
Put my black brothers in tombs, in jail for past crimes
It goes like blaow, the reason why I don’t go to clubs
Songs blaring then one push and shove, aw damn, hit the deck
Heart’s racing, bullets pacing at an instant
From the hands of an innocent infant
Blaow, women, the way to a man’s heart is not food
Just buy him a rifle and see what he will do
Blaow, cops be locking us up on some void plots
The same thing in their holster pollutes and destroys blocks
Blaow, rappers all talk about ammo gun handles
Yet, how are we advancing with the finger on the trigger
Seems everybody got one, shot one, or supplies it
Forget NRA, even Charlton Heston glorified it
Blaow, the tec goes off in one second
Something for protection has turned to a weapon
Blaow, metal detectors is nothing, oh, you think that it is
Then you should probably watch that Columbine shit
Government calls it the evil, police carry it lethal
But when it’s up in your hands, they wanna charge it illegal
Blaow, the trigger gun busts, we call it so wrong
Yet cheer it in a movie when the guy’s head gets blown off
As the gun revolves, another murder’s unsolved
And all I heard was gunshots, I’m hit and now I fall

That’s what you call the global killer
The end of mankind

Blaow, whatever happened to the fair one
Where I’m from, everyone carries guns and fears none
Blaow, hoods and murderers spray rounds from trey pounds
All for goods and services so strays bounce off playgrounds
Like blaow, how many more men’ll pour Henny for
Their friends who got theyselves up on the latest Pulse 24
From stepping on the wrong toes so they found theyselves
On the receiving end of a long nose, the song goes
Blaow, we gotta stop using metal barrels to resolve petty quarrels
‘Cause the consequences are senseless like
Blaow, damn, another lower-class kid’s been lowered in a casket
At his wake, what now, they going buck wild, duck
Blaow, Mr. Premier, hah, don’t you realize
The lethal nines stealing lives on streets at night ain’t legalized
First off so what’s a handgun ban gon’ do
But make you and your man dem look right infront of people’s eyes
Blaow, it’s a band-aid solution to a deeper problem
Just look at Jeff Reodica, it was the police who shot him
Blaow, you got enemies, do what you have to do by any means
Pack a tool, but don’t fucking act a fool
‘Cause that karma can come back to you, be smart about it
And ask yourself, would you still be hard without it
Blaow, it’s The Real Toronto where they bust shots at bus stops
And we have every reason not to trust cops
When iron sparks, the riot starts
So aim wisely, silent weapons for quiet war