Song: Jackin’ 4 Beatz (The Premier Edition)
Artist: FenaxiZ
Album: The Strongest Link mixtape

{Nas – Nas Is Like}
“Fenax is like” the birth of your first child: babyfaced
The ace of spades getting plays, flow versatile
Like your doe-or-die kid with his soul divided
I’m like Che; fight for freedom when they don’t provide it
“Fenax is like” the Toronto Sun, like your a-alike
Holding the fort whenever you going to court
I’m like a reverend, hell-bent and heaven-sent
I spread gospels like life sucks, but death swallows

{Big L – Da Enemy}
On these Scarlem blocks with barking dogs
More chops than barbershops in parking lots
We war with cops for food on our plates
Certain turfs, you can catch a swift boot to the face
While thugs in the clubs might shoot up the place
The wrong kid’ll end up in a suit and a grave
And this happens all over from the west to the east
T.O, y’all, with that said, Big L, rest in peace

{Group Home – Livin’ Proof}
The moral of this story, what the fuck’s going on
2-double-0-5, artists still brrrup over song
See, my boy sat me down, said, you entered this game
Know this rap shit’s real life, I ain’t mentioning names
You’ve got mans with plans of advancing their people
For the first time, they actually got a chance to go legal
Nothing can stop ’em, crabs coming up from the bottom
‘Cause your skill is a problem, but they willing to solve it

{Jay-Z – A Million & One}
And everybody wanna know, is that chain really gold
Since the EP dropped, exactly how many copies have you sold
Can I get on the next album, is it true you stopped drinking and smoking
Wait, hold up, y’all thinking I was joking
Nah, but what’s FenaxiZ mean, speaking of which
How you pronounce it, cocksuckers, y’all just heard how it sounded
Well, what turf can you be found in, which crew are you down with
10-40s, that’s my brethren, now, any further questions

{Gangstarr – Full Clip}
Change it up, we about to blaze it up, your last days are up
Set my wolves on you and they all got a taste for blood
The F-E-N-A to the X-I-Z, y’all
Haters still tryna figure out the recipe, y’all
In my realm, y’all defy Fen and catch a Full Clip
Media today supports too much rap and bullshit
I came to change that, blow flames at you lame cats
Number one draft pick of this rap shit, you bastards

{The Notorious B.I.G – Unbelievable}
C-H-A-I-N C-I-T-Y, get it, Chain City
Also known as the home of the Skydome
Raptors, Jays, and Leafs, streets are paved with beef
To say the least, killers’ll cock, aim, and squeeze
On the block, drug dealers make chops monumental
Who else on my level, in Hell I con the devil
When I die, fly high, and tell God he said hi

{The Lox – Recognize}
And I couldn’t way to jack and rap over this beat
Recognize I’m being felt by cats older than me
Since I come from a city of fake thugs in the crowd
Mean mugging it out, but they still loving my style
While I plan to lay back in a Maybach Benz whip
Me and my mens thick with freaks on Fen’s dick
I give a fuck about rap, just gimme my ends quick
And I’ma let this beat fade on Common Sense shit

{Common – The Sixth Sense}
With rampant drug use, young youths swallow seeds
A horizon I glanced and spoke an Apostle’s Creed
These trying times, either follow or lead
Inspiration when I write, I see Diallo bleed
Feet heavy, but I march to the beat of my drum
To expensive substances, my people succumb
Noses bleeding and numb due to crack in the streets
For more they jack whatever and I’m jacking for beats