Song: Grand Opening
Artist: FenaxiZ
Album: The Strongest Link mixtape

Some scenes contain coarse language, acts of violence
And questionable views on the sanctity of women
(Technically known as biatchus-pigeonus)
Viewer and parental discretion is advised
And now, our feature presentation:

Yeah, yeah
Don’t forget to turn off your cellphones and pagers
But make sure you turn your voices up full-blast
Give it up for the F to the Z, FenaxiZ
Chain City at its finest, strongest link in the chain
So are you ready? But y’all ain’t clapping enough
You gotta break your hands and throw it up for the F to the Z

Back for the first time by popular demand
I stand at the top with no one stopping my plan
Flow street-tested, weed-scented, this warrior’s armed and
Opponents are vast, but pose hardly a problem
Right from the start, I put my life in this art
Would write from the heart despite if it’s unlikely to chart
Rap game improved, guess it’s part of the process
Of paying dues, making moves, and starting to progress
Nowadays, I’m learning my friend is my foe
Was a time y’all would ride to the end of the road
Plus cats I ain’t seen in years pretending they folk
On my last string, but I ain’t know the strength of this rope
Whatever though, see, I’m doing me, fulfilling my dreams
Just killing 16s so start spilling the beans
On the best-kept secret since Area 51
Lawrence East, Vic. Park, y’all, that’s how we get it done
And it’s always been that way ever since my genesis
In this game with its share of drawbacks and benefits
Where else could you gain materialistic possessions
Off writing and recording your artistic expressions
Living a film, the set’s the Rex to Scarborough
My seed’ll be the sequel, but I’m playing the starring role
Here and now, who, what, when, where, and how?
Buzz strong plus competition’s fearing my style
I’m hearing about rules of this legal profession
Fine-print more deadly than a lethal injection
With the needle infected, but since the fetal position
I was sent with intent to provide my people protection
So I guess I’m like Noah; just building the Ark
Watered-down acts flood streets, it’s killing the art
See, I could easily choose to play the villain and chart
Make a mil with ill regard, write my will, and depart
But if I don’t shed light to those still in the dark
What I portray would betray what I feel in my heart
In light of those who honed their skill in the park
I give a fuck about who’s dealing, who’s hard, who’s real, and who’s not
So there it is, I’ma shove all bullshit aside
Pull the wool off your eyes so reserve that Pulitzer Prize
And as far what my name means, I’ma keep it mysterious
Just breath and experience this new breed of a lyricist