Song: Power
Artist: FenaxiZ feat. Dagamuffin, Kris Blade, Kimmortal
Album: Vintage

[FenaxiZ – Intro]
(“Makibaka! Wag matakot!” in background)
Yeah, UKPC, the Filipino-Canadian Youth Alliance presents Power
Huh, yo, it’s time to education, mobilize, and organize our peoples

[FenaxiZ – Verse One]
Raised rebellious, me and my crew of crazy fellas
Was just thrown into a world where they hate and fear us
They wanna cage and jail us so from jump we’re labelled failures
By racist elders who hide a history they’re afraid to tell us
They ain’t want us to know about our heritage
But how can you deny truth when there it is?
I learned the world of today’s the next generation’s inheritance
And one people’s rebels are another country’s terrorists
So no question’s asked, no answer’s given
Went from a narrow view to open eyes with panoramic vision
So now I see things clear, I understand my mission’s
To advance resistance in this land we live in
And all the struggles musta been preparing me for solidarity
Life was a bitch ’til I proposed it to marry me
Malcolm stressed justice by any necessary means
So fuck this, I’ma douse this system with kerosene
And incite the masses to strike the matches
Go in and out before they know it like when lightning flashes
Gaining knowledge of self was like a rite of passage
‘Fore I stepped back to ask, why don’t we fight our masters?
Why we keep losing? Why do cops wanna bother us?
Why don’t we speak out? Why we stay anonymous?
These are the questions we gotta get to the bottom of
Whatever we’re doing, goddamn, yo, it’s not enough

[Dagamuffin – Verse Two]
It’s not enough to just sit in the cut
While my peoples standing up not giving a fuck
Neo-colonial globalization
My class be the ones that make the whole thing run
Blood, sweat, and labor; no time to cry
Save the damn tears for later, time always mean
How long we gotta wait for all the hard work to pay off
So we can make a home in a place I know
That I can lay my dome, allow roots to grow
A foundation, organize and counterspinning
The conditions we facing, 99 Occupying
For change and time’s wasting, we creating
A new narrative, we embrace it
We will stop the temporariness and exploitation
They will not dictate and manage our community’s fate
We writers of our own history and turning the pages
Goodness gracious, me oh my
These Filipinos got nerve, yeah, you know we fly
These Filipinos, they swerve, and you know we ride
These Filipinos, they serving the people, right
So let’s get it even if you don’t get it
I’ll explain how we did it when we get to the finish line
Never let a Conservative critic diminish mine
Grab your flag, your phone, and let’s go homie, I think it’s time

[Kris Blade – Verse Three]
Ayo, I’m more than just a caregiver, more than just a laborer
More than just an employee making a hamburger
More than just a nurse or a thief snatching a purse
More than just a dead gangsta riding in a black hearse
More than just a mail-order bride for the sex-trade
Sell my mind, body, and soul, just to get paid
More than just a stereotypical image you ridicule
More than just bad man, it’s looking real critical
More than just a criminal, more than just a crook
More than just a corny plotline in a bad book
Stop reading, well, muhfucka, stop cheating
I’ll stop speaking when you listen at the staff meeting
My people over-worked, over-encumbered
It’s us against them and we looking outnumbered yo
That’s why we gotta get together, gotta organize
Read up on the issues, politic, we gotta mobilize
We gotta flip the script, the situation
Get up, go out, and get something, fuck patience
We got the capability to run facility
Got the right agility for change, is you feeling me
We about to turn this table upside-down
And we ain’t waiting for tomorrow, we gonna start right now
Yo, from T-Dot to Vancity and the whole world
It’s time to get it, we ain’t stopping ’til it’s over, rise up

[Kim Possible – Verse Four]
Rise up, root down, rise up again
Yeah, we’re resurrecting what they said was over and dead
We’re in a war against forgetting the roots of this tree
Until we reclaim herstory, we’ll never be free
And my vocabulary’s like your worst adversary
But on the contrary, I ain’t your bride to marry
Filipinas stand up and let them know who you be
Don’t apologize for the words that you speak
And I am proud of those that came before me
So with lyrical flow I’ll spread this message like a seed
I won’t go quietly, I’ll take the lead
It’s an act of resistance to be all of me
‘Cause too often we’re exoticized, stolen identities
Descendents of a lost tribe, take back your victory
Call this equality, you ain’t looking closely
My people may be smiling, but this system’s killing us softly
So rocksteady, this is motion, not pain
Roar, curse the ceiling, ’cause there will be change
Said where is the love when she’s swept under the rug
Banking off her labour while they call her children thugs
Nah, smell the sweat, yeah, it’s the working class
Pops resorts to cleaning while my mother keeps wiping their ass
But check the script, say word, we’re the writers now
We’ll tell our own story and then we’ll take a bow

The youth united will never be defeated
The women united will never be defeated
The workers united will never be defeated
The people united will never be defeated