Song: The Launch
Artist: FenaxiZ
Album: Vintage

[FenaxiZ – Intro]
Huh, yeah, FenaxiZ
Whattup y’all?
Vintage, July 2012

[FenaxiZ – Verse One]
I’d like to make a toast dedicated to the most celebrated
Referring to myself, I suppose, well, I made it
Must be doing something right, ’cause foes hella hating
And I couldn’t be more higher if I stood on my toes elevated
On the nose of a 747 jet
Flow heaven-sent, tryna go where I never went
No more stress, still, I’m working hard
On my solo flex like I don’t know rest
Run 6 in the morning in my polo sweats
Then bounce to the office, flip my rolodex
Make calls, approve proofs off photosets
Tryna go past my limits, I won’t go less
Yo, you think I’m hungry, my fam is famished
I got meetings to make, I got plans to manage
‘Cause I gotta get my brand established, money talks
And I’ll do anything to understand its language
It’s only right I tell the world
All that I own is well-deserved, in fact, it owes me twice
For each and every lonely night slaving away
Paving a way, despite no love from my first open mics
Fuck it, I remember hiding my tears
From the public, snakes planted lies in my ears
They can suck dick, tryna divide me and my peers
I stay above it, that’s how I survived all them years
When reality collides with your fears, you gotta keep moving
I speak through this deep-rooted street music
Me and my squad, no one does it like we do it
I’m Talib Kweli with a touch of G-Unit
Who else you know has got that subtle swag
While others cats is full of air and pop like bubblewrap
Chivas Regal, I guzzle that, you got a couple stacks
In a duffel bag, I’ll hustle half and double that
My fans bop their heads ’til their neck muscles snap
On rainy days, I watch puddles splash
While my lips hold a Cristo, I puff puff and laugh
Same dudes screaming “Stop Snitching” be first to runteldat
On another note, I had a discussion with
An old friend who said he’s lived life and seen too much of it
To have faith in God, ain’t it odd
That’s the same exact reason why every night I pray to God
Too many demons possessed me, voice in the back of my head
Screaming “Let me protect thee”
Prisoner of War, P.O.W
‘Til I told myself, “There can be no other you
Respect your place on the planet, don’t take it for granted
Before it gets too late to understand it
You see, everybody wants to be someone else
But a boy becomes a man when he becomes himself”
Like that, the fog cleared, I’m seeing the sun
In a new light, I know freedom will come
But for now, I gotta fight as long as it takes
To correct all my wrongs and mistakes before I’m gone to my grave
When I sleep, I’m not promised to wake
So I make sure I’m good with what I accomplished today
And I can care less about haters and skeptics
After gaining that knowledge of self
I changed my perspective, it’s feuds other than Lakers and Celtics
So I wanna reach those who relate to my message
When I write with my paper and pencil
But fuck it, if we rally together, we can carry eachother
I Serve The People and this includes all my sisters
Who work illegal, everyday, observing evil
That’s crystal clear, what I spit’s sincere
Even though it goes in and out politicians’ ears
So listen here, you’re either running when you’re scared
Or you grow as a person confronting what you fear
So when revolution comes, raise your gun up in the air
Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear
That’s words to live by from one of my toughest homies
And you can find me in the hood saying what’s up to OGs
They know I’m a PWA
A Pilipino With Attitude so Puck The Folice
No love for John McClanes, Columbos, Jim Gordons
When I’m driving, people think I’m Tim Hortons
‘Cause I roll up with rims winning
And even if you took it all away, cotdamn, I’m still driven
Grinding, rhyming, climbing, shining
They forgot about Fen, guess I gotta remind them
I am one of the best who did it
Nowadays, I’m tryna get an extra digit on my credit limit
Dimez, you got a blunt, spark it and send it
And y’all can check my plates, the car isn’t rented
All-stars, US! goes hard for the pennant
And any opposing teams can start, but we’ll end it
I’m the greatest poet Vic. Park has invented
Lines killing ’em slow, carcinogenic
Mind of a general, heart of a lieutenant
Hold up, you know what, let’s switch the flow up
This the first time I’ve truly applied myself
So focused, no doubts inside myself
And mom, I know you worry, but this music thing
I gotta try myself, just by myself
And I’ll do whatever it takes to reach the top
After all these years, I’m at peace with God
After all these years, I’m at peace with God
After all these years, I’m at peace with God

[FenaxiZ – Outro]
Yeah, that’s how I’m doing it from now on, yo
So focused, eyes on the prize, check it out
Yeah, shouts to my US! crew
If you don’t know who we are
You definitely gonna find out soon enough
We got Alex Dimez dropping his Cloud Dimez project
Young Wylie with the Cocky Season EP
Huh, Arch Duke coming soon with The Rest Will Follow album
Yo, Nyce Touch, Split Personality on the way
Yeah, Taylor Made got that Underdog part 3
Yo, y’all better watch out for that
Ay, King Jus, I know you been in the lab
Working on the King Alex EP, huh
Prophet-Z doing it in New York with The Viral Mixtape part 2
Haha, yo, and of course, myself
FenaxiZ with the Vintage album
July 2012, mark it on your calendars, yo