Song: White Man’s Burden
Artist: FenaxiZ feat. JLATTE
Album: Vintage

[Filipino speech sample – Intro]
One of the reasons I think
That the Philippines is in such a bad state today
Is simply because we do not know our history
So the history textbooks are usually wrong
And written by non-historians
And the biggest problem of all is
Philippine historian does not have the sources to write history
The complete history of the Philippines in Manila

I’m The White Man’s Burden, a Fucking Little Island Person
Who am I, the truth’s inside so I’m searching
But after too many years of learning his version
Of our story, it’s hard for me to be certain
All I know is Spain owes us at least twenty mil
For how much they sold us, we ain’t seen a penny still
For fallen soldiers, I let the Henny spill
But my bottle’s empty, ’cause it’s been plenty killed
From the slaughters of Balangiga under the orders
Of Jacob Smith to off husbands, wives, sons, and daughters
Decimation: 10% of our population
To the second World War with Japanese invasion
Or further back, Legaspi set the murder trap
Blew our brains out, that’s why today you never heard of that
Instead we watch GMA, ashamed of darker pigment
So there’ll no quarter given when I start resisting
I got a right to be, I got a fight to lead
Why stay in the shadows when I feel this light in me
But some of my own people wanna douse the flame
It’s a mindstate I doubt will change overnight
For years, we been waiting for nothing but acceptance
Police serve themselves, who the hell’s gonna protect us
That same pacifism passes to children
So they grow without guidance and say there’s Spanish in them
To various degrees, not knowing Claveria’s decree
‘Cause back home they studying an English language system
And that’s one disadvantage given that the master’s hidden
How do we see our true selves when we’ve got damaged vision
From the get-go, in the ghetto we duel with eachother
And in school we discover it ain’t cool to be colored
Teachers fail you, on the outside, they quick to jail you
Since you fit a description, but you know that’s just fiction
For real, we support fam so we’re marginalized
Stuck in a factory where it’s harder to rise
No time to pick up pencils or get credentials
Can’t hit the books, much less hit your potential
And I ain’t tryna make jokes or find scapegoats
There’s a lot about us that I just hate most
From chismis to the drug abusers to keeping up with the Joneses
When we can’t even keep up with the Cruzes
Half our people act deceitful and practice evil
Easily damaged egos and we pack casinos
“The Lord will provide” is what we tell ourselves
Truth is, God only helps those who help themselves
Damn, it’s like we can’t learn to stand firm
Conditioned to open doors like “Ma’am, Sir”
You see, we drink too much, but we don’t think enough
Afraid to rock the boat, because it might sink and bust
Plus it’s ridiculous what our own leaders did to us
In debt with the IMF so they paid it back by shipping us
OFWs and Modern Heroes
As commodities under Labour Export Policies
Human trafficking at its finest;
Exploitation’s exploitation regardless of the ways you define us
How is it a highly educated people
Get deskilled and kept from the structures we built
Denied free will in the 70’s
My folks ran from martial law so I plan the art of war
I refuse to serve on the frontlines half-hearted
You don’t even know how filthy our backyard is
All you hear is complete lies and half-truths
Got nothing to do with what goes on in classrooms
What’s it gonna take, another shot or stabbed youth
To understand that we gotta go back to the grass roots
It’s no wonder why we see ourselves as lesser
The only country to be named after its oppressor
Ironic that we used to use salt as currency
‘Cause back then was so sweeter than where we are currently
It’s a state of emergency, total invasion
Of our basic rights in the name of globalization
While Nestle produces a high turnover ratio
We export their goods, but don’t see the bottom peso
Too caught up with Western product to support our own businesses
So all we got left are remittances
But at what cost, how many more families must get separated
For y’all to settle payment
Over the debt you made, shit, dear President
How much more can you get away with, even sex is traded
With Comfort Women providing R&R
To the United States military base army guards
Rest in peace to LCPs, mail-order brides
And foreign wives who face domestic abuse and shorter lives
Abroad, all for the sake of opportunity
So a child she ain’t seen in years can have food to eat
I’m sorry, yo, but I just can’t accept that
Our nation’s sinking while we face extinction
So what’s the answer, what’s the future hold
Truth be told, I don’t know, but I just want the youth to grow
Proud of their heritage whether light-skinned
Mestizo or they got the brownest appearances
I mean, I was lost ’til I found my inheritance
Now I know my worth, I control the world
And this rap ain’t even scratching the surface
Of our collective experience, my peoples
We gotta match our path with our purpose
And after all this, sino tayo?
Ewang ko, pero, Pilipino ako