Song: Go For Broke
Artist: FenaxiZ feat. US!
Album: Vintage

[Team US! – Intro]


[Alex Dimez]
Twenty Dimez

Vintage baby

[FenaxiZ – Verse One]
Yes yes y’all, introducing the team
It’s just US!, we pursuing our dream, no doubt
And we get it in, no homo, US! taking a loss
That’s a no no no, you don’t know yo
We hold eachother down, but still roll solo
I’m out to get dough, can’t flow pro-bono
And I’m vintage like an old photo, picture that
Been awhile since I blessed y’all, the kid is back
And I handle mines, how I plan my rhymes
Military approach, I advance the lines
Yo we going so hard at every chance we find
Can’t nothing stop us except the hands of time
And even that won’t tarnish our legacy
Fen, Wylie, and Dimez, we partners forever, see
If you start it, we end it, G
We taking over, it’s in the stars yo, it’s meant to be

Without trust, there’s no love
Without love, there’s no trust

All we got is US!

[Alex Dimez]
When it’s all said and done
And the smoke clears
We’ll be right here

‘Cause the world belongs to US!

Hard work pays off
Never take a day off
All we do is stay strong

There’s them and then there’s US!
All we got is US! All we got is US!
All we got is US! All we got is US!

[Alex Dimez]
It ain’t easy being a dreamchaser
Everytime I get a chick, I always end up having to replace her
She take a small space and turn it to a smaller space
Now she’s tripping ’cause she’s all up in my face
I’m just tryna add some more friends to Myspace
So I can try to get a little more ends for my tapes
Take her out and she order four or five plates
I hate waiting, most people is always late
20dimez and you still doing the harlem shake
Dope boys, most cook, but I’d rather bake
Take your goods in a second, but I’d rather make
Dope tracks for my peers, watch me demonstrate
Hard work over years, watch me levitate
Dangerous like Denton Dailey, niggas heavyweights
I just spit, I don’t choose my style
Keep your two guns up ’cause I’m 2pac wild


Ayo, we brighter than a pair of white Uptowns homie
I’m going long, every play touchdown homie
Damn right, just US! and nobody else
There’s them and then there’s US! nobody else
We been through pain in this game like nobody else
We going around the world tonight, nobody else
I ain’t the best, but I’m real with myself
It ain’t cocky if it’s true, that’s why I’m feeling myself
Gucci bag, Louis Belt, yeah I got the ill fits
Just like my raps do, my swagger gotta kill shit
I’ma be around awhile, you gotta deal with
My attitude’s so cold, I can’t feel shit
I don’t care if you say Wylie ain’t a real kid
All I know is you can say Wylie keep a real chick
Can’t care about y’all, say it to my face bitches
Just like my nigga Fen album, my face vintage

[Chorus x 2]