Song: Vintage
Artist: FenaxiZ
Album: Vintage

[FenaxiZ – Verse One]
This that vintage like them vinyl 12-inches
Smooth grooves producer use and loop for instrumentals
They finding, beat-mining, constant rewinding
And this been the way since like back in the day
‘Cause it’s vintage, before Hip-Hop was big business
Good times when it was about lyrics, not image
Pete Rock let the beat knock, still the street was hot
But beef was squashed least when the needle dropped
Straight vintage, too young to get in a club entrance
So you could spot me jumping fences or drunk on benches
Skipping class, living fast, spitting raps
All for nothing, but like I said, it’s in the past
Like vintage, like Juice, Friday, and Menace
Illmatics, Ready To Dies, Extinction Agendas
Smoothe Hustlers ‘fore Jigga had new customers
Doggystyle ‘fore Common knew was love is
It’s vintage unlike these phony pretenders
And studio killers, the real thugs, for instance
Will eat your food, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
Times changed, climate’s strange, summers are winters
It’s vintage back when gwop was called spinach
For the love of it, life gets finished so senseless
Only solution I can lend is independence
With unity between you and me, and I’ma end this