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Spain-based Hip-Hop site Versos Perfectos (Perfect Verses) has released “UnderXclusive Joins,” their first compilation of international artists. Representing Canada, FenaxiZ muses nonchalantly on “Balcony Sessions” with lyrics written during his Cuba vacation over Jobe Wan Kenobi production. You can smell the cigar smoke and taste the Havana Club as FenaxiZ reflects: 

Lost myself in the moment, smelling the ocean
Staring off into space and felt no emotion
Numb inside, sip dark rum and vibe
Shut my eyes, intoxicated from the highs
Dogs barking, cigar sparking, cool breeze
Caressing the leaves of the trees by the garden
While I trace clouds with my fingertips
Take a pull from the Cohiba between my lips

Tracklisting as follows:

  1. Dash Shamash – 90Brutalidad (Intro Joint) 01:29
  2. Righteouz Knigh – Sweatin Blood (Prod. Snowgoons) 02:47
  3. Dash Shamash – Buscandome A Mi Mismo (Pro. Dash Shamash) 03:26
  4. King Ra – Melon (Pro. Mishap) 02:49
  5. J. Leone & Suker – Caos (prod. Xsample Beats) 03:35
  6. Jota – Siempre Viejo (Prod. I.M Funk) 03:11
  7. Vito – Calor De Invernadero (Prod. Kenke) 02:56
  8. Luder – Efec (Beatbox Joint Interlude) 03:13
  9. Dheformer – Gran Danes 1991 (Prod. Ortega Havoc) 02:27
  10. Groove Drama – Falsos Beef (Prod. Groove Drama) 03:05
  11. Fenaxiz – Balcony Sessions (Prod. Jobe Wan Kenobi) 03:55
  12. Tocha Pro – Hechos 02:40
  13. Anoder Vaina – Por Amor (Prod.Sudakillah) 02:51
  14. Swin Da Example – Holy Ducketz 01:57
  15. DeLaRue Squad – Estas Palabras… (Prod. Delorian) 05:37
  16. J Dose – Metodos (Prod. Neomai From ForXsample Beats) 02:00
  17. Zagnif Nori – Element 26 (Prod. Crucial The Guillotine) 04:21
  18. Confidence – Miracle (Outro Joint) 01:42
  19. Vito – Fargo (Yote Jazz Remix) (Bonus Track) 01:59

The compilation is currently available for download at Versos Perfectos’ bandcamp page.